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Adhesive, Glue, Epoxy, Urethane & Automotive Seam Sealer Dispensing

Apply your adhesives, liquids and sealers with more precision, accuracy and efficiency using dispensing robots from FANUC America. We have robots and cobots that are ideal solutions in adhesive dispensing systems which require extreme precision and repeatability for a variety of liquids and adhesives. From smaller jobs such as glue & epoxy dispensing that require a compact, high speed dispensing robot, to larger applications such as applying automotive seam sealer using a high-reach, heavier-payload dispense robot - FANUC and our Authorized System Integrators (ASIs) have extensive experience with a diverse range of precision dispense applications and systems.

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Robotic Seam Sealer Dispensing for Automotive Bodies


Discover the Benefits of Collaborative Robots for Dispensing Systems

When an end user required the consistent quality of robotic urethane application but lacked sufficient floor space for an enclosed cell, FANUC System Integrator JR Automation turned to cobots for the solution. Using FANUC’s CR-35iA collaborative robot for dispensing, JR was able to reduce the urethane dispensing system footprint by half and created a process where the operator works hand in hand with the robot.

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Robotic Dispensing Systems & Application Examples

Collaborative Robot Adhesive Dispensing

Courtesy of Premier Automation


Cobot Adhesive Bead Dispensing System

Courtesy of Patti Engineering


Robotic Sealant Dispensing System

Courtesy of RTSS


Silicone Dispensing Robot for Small Plastic Parts

Courtesy of ProMach

How are robots used for dispensing?

FANUC robots are used for dispensing a wide variety of sealants, adhesives, oils and gasketing materials in a wide range of industries. Some examples include using robots for dispensing glue, urethane, epoxy or automotive seam sealer. FANUC robots are great for dispense applications, and our ASI Network can provide a tremendous amount of support with your application. Using dispensing robots for sealer applications provide a variety of advantages including:

  • Improved safety from hazardous work environments
  • Consistent sealer application reduces waste material
  • Higher speed performance and productivity enhancements
  • Increased system uptime

FANUC Integrated Servo Dispensing (ISD) Software

Want to take your dispensing operation to the next level? If so, try the FANUC Integrated Servo Dispensing software package. For this solution, FANUC provides a dispensing system with an integrated FANUC servo motor, allowing all dispense operations to be controlled from the Robot controller, removing the need for additional control panels, and providing you with a more precise application. As part of this solution, FANUC offers a variety of applicators & temperature control devices to be your one-stop shop for sealing solutions.