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Modern CNC with User-Friendly Interface Helps Custom Dies Shop Succeed

Bigger Romi Machine Tool with upgraded FANUC controls allows a family-owned machine shop to please customers and expand their business.

Challenges solved by:

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  • Legacy machine tools couldn’t machine larger parts.
  • Younger generation operators wanted more modern look and feel to controls.
  • Older operators still wanted to use the traditional maintenance screens on the controls.
  • Very small shop, so can’t afford to send staff out for training.


  • Younger operators find FANUC’s iHMI easier to use because of its graphical screens

  • Operators accustomed to the traditional maintenance screens can easily switch to this display

  • The 0i-F Plus CNC has faster processing speeds to reduce cycle time

  • More storage is available for large part programs in the 0i-F Plus CNC


Ohio Custom Dies predominantly uses FANUC-controlled machine tools to manufacture dies for aluminum extrusion. The company started experiencing demand for larger parts and some of their older equipment was not capable of machining these. This forced their customers to redo their prints or take their business elsewhere.

Ohio Custom Dies bought a new ROMI D 1000, which not only comes with a standard table that goes up to 22 inches, but also includes the FANUC 0i-F Plus controls featuring iHMI, FANUC’s intelligent human machine interface. They immediately saw the memory for program storage was five times larger, important for storing their longer part programs. Also, they saw the processing speed was much faster than their legacy machine tools.

Tyler, the part programmer and operator, as well as the grandson of the owner, really enjoys the touchscreen buttons featured in iHMI. However, some of the older machinists, who’ve worked in the shop for 20 years or more, turn that off and work with the more traditional machine tool screen display setting. With three generations of machinists working under one roof, this machine shop illustrates why FANUC and Romi have designed their products to meet the needs of different types of operators.

Jennifer Short, Director of Operations

Having FANUC controls and making sure that all the machines have the same control is a huge advantage because it cuts down on our training. It cuts down on mistakes, it cuts down on running incorrect programs because everybody, once they're trained, is familiar and they could go to any machine and run any of the machines in the shop.

Jennifer Short

Director of Operations, Ohio Custom Dies

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Meet Romi, FANUC Authorized Machine Tool Builder

Romi is a global leading provider of machine tools and other industrial equipment. Headquartered in Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, SP, Brazil, the company manufacturers turning centers, lathes and machining centers, along with plastic processing machines as well as castings.

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About Ohio Custom Dies

Ohio Custom Dies is a multi-generational, family-owned machine shop in Northeast Ohio. They make dies for aluminum extrusion, used in many types of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical devices and construction.

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