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FANUC has the industry's widest range of paint robots for any painting application

With some models designed to operate in hazardous environments and a wide range of reaches and handling capacities, whatever your painting or dispensing requirements you can be sure there is a FANUC paint and dispensing robot model to meet your needs.

Robotic painting and coating provides a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Improved safety in hazardous painting work environments
  • Consistent robotic paint application significantly reduces material waste
  • Higher product speeds and productivity
  • Increased painting system system uptime
P-40iA Spray Coating Tail

FANUC P-40iA Paint Robot

Make sure you're get the most out of your painting processes with painting robots from FANUC.
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Robots for Painting, Coating, Spraying and More

FANUC America has a full range of painting and coating robots to help manufacturers drastically improve their paint processes. Designed and built in Michigan since 1982, FANUC paint robots are suitable for a wide variety of painting and coating applications; our paint robots offer easy access, optimal work envelopes, and maximized throughput.

FANUC Paint Accessories & Options

Paint Robot Accessories PaintPRO


  • Offline Simulation Software
  • Automatically Generate Paint Path based on part data
  • Easily Edit Paint Paths & Optimize Paint Process
FANUC Teach Pendant


  • Robot Controller Paint Software
  • Control/Display Paint Settings direct from teach pendant
  • Create & manage job data at the robot
Paint Robot Accessories PaintWorks


  • Cell Level Control for Paint Robots
  • Monitor Robot Status
  • Control settings for all robots from one central location
Visual Tracking

Visual Tracking for PaintTool

  • Provide part offset for robot utilizing FANUC iRVision 3DV Vision Sensor
  • Integrates w/Robot Controller – no need for external Vision Panel
  • Exact part mounting no longer required
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  • Fluid Flow control for Gelcoat & Chopped Fiberglass Applications
  • Integrates w/ Robot Controller - no need for external control panel
  • Glass breakage detection availible
Easy Teach

Easy Teach

  • Hand Guidance Tool for robot programming
  • Simple start/ stop button
  • Robot path will copy what manual operator teaches
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Paint Robot Accessories Versabell III


  • Electrostatic Rotary Atomizer
  • WB/SB & 1k/2k Compatible
  • Dual Shaping Air w/ 45-80mm Bell Cups

Integrated Pump Control (IPC)

  • Gear Pump-Based Fluid Delivery System
  • WB/SB & 1k/2k Compatible
  • Precise Control by In Arm Servo Motors w/integrated color change valves
Paint Robot Accessories ICS

Integrated Canister System (ICS)

  • Canister-Based Fluid Delivery System
  • Waterborne Direct Charge
  • Precise Control by In Arm Servo Motors w/integrated color change valves

Paint Accessory Solutions

Wistia video thumbnail

Robotic Painting with Visual Tracking

Wistia video thumbnail

“Easy Teach” hand-guidance programming with FANUC P-40i Paint Robot

Paint Application Videos

Robot for Coating Wooden Cabinet Doors

Robots for Coating Wooden Cabinet Doors


Wistia video thumbnail

Painting Automotive Oil Pans & Valve Covers

Courtesy of Robotic TSS

Wistia video thumbnail

Automotive Car Body Painting

Wistia video thumbnail

Automotive Axle Painting

Robotic Painting Automotive Plastic Parts

Automotive Car Body Painting

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