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MDS Enhances Efficiency and Quality with Robotic Welding Solution

MDS Manufacturing Company Inc., a fabricator based in Parkston, SD has transformed its operations, elevating part quality, boosting output, and achieving precise lead time predictions—all attributed to the implementation of Acieta’s cutting-edge FastARC® 2HT welding solution that includes a FANUC arc welding robot.  By automating sub-assembly welds, employees can now focus on more intricate tasks.  The FastARC 2HT has not only met but exceeded MDS’ expectations.

Challenges solved by:


  • Increase production speed
  • Alleviate manual welders from mundane tasks
  • Improve quality
  • Forecast lead times


  • Enables time studies to accurately forecast production.

  • Reduced rework/higher quality.

  • Allows employees to focus on projects that require higher skills.

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    20-50% efficiency improvement.


MDS Manufacturing is a leading industrial equipment supplier based in Parkston, SD. MDS specializes in loader attachments including buckets, grapples, hay tools, and pallet forks for all the major tractor brands.

Producing many similar types of parts, MDS typically had one person welding the same parts all day long. With increasing business, MDS knew they needed a better way to weld repeatable parts more quickly and efficiently with less rework. In 2023, they realized they needed to implement robotics, but were apprehensive because they had never used automation before. Once they met with the engineering team at Acieta – everything fell into place. After evaluating the operation, Acieta recommended their FastARC® robotic welding cell which includes a FANUC Arc Mate robot. FastARC is a standard pre-engineered robotic arc welding cell and is ideal for companies adopting automation for the first time. The cell’s small footprint and easy installation, combined with Acieta’s operator training, helped MDS get started right away.

The robotic work cell has enabled MDS to streamline production by consolidating multiple operations into one single operation with the robot. For example, before the automation it took about 16 hours to weld 100 parts. Now, it takes the robot just 13 hours to do the same number of parts, which is a 30 percent reduction in operating time for just that one part.

Employees are excited to work with the robot cell, which relieves them from mundane tasks and allows them to focus on projects that require higher skills.

According to MDS management, the FastARC cell has not only met but exceeded performance expectations. This achievement is marked by improved consistency and reduced rework. Additionally, with the implementation of the robot cell, MDS can now generate more accurate time studies and forecast lead times effectively. As a result, they are better equipped to swiftly fulfill customer orders.

Looking ahead, MDS is considering additional automation based on the 20-50 percent efficiency gains they have experienced with the FastARC robotic welding cell. When the time comes, they intend to collaborate with Acieta, leveraging their engineering expertise and excellent customer support.

Alec Hohn MDS Engineer

With the robot, we didn't replace any of our workers, we just minimized the mundane tasks, which allowed them to focus on the bigger projects and what's considered more fun.

Alec Hohn

Engineer, MDS

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Acieta serves as a long-term partner in automation integration, across a range of industries. A combination of technical knowledge and industry experience gives Acieta the insight needed to develop the right solution to address their customer’s challenges and provide complete support throughout the entire automation process.

Acieta’s FastARC automated welding cells were designed to meet the most common robotic welding needs and are a fast way to get started on your automation journey. FastARC provides a cost-effective introduction to Acieta’s premium-quality hardware and software.

MDS Manufacturing Co

About MDS

MDS Manufacturing Company Inc. is a third generation, family-owned company that has been serving the agricultural community for over 40 years. Their continuing commitment to agriculture and dedication to produce top quality products has made MDS a leader in the manufacturing of skid steer, tractor loader, telehandler, and wheel loader attachments for most major brands of equipment in North America.

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