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Robots & CNCs to Support Laser Systems

For maximum precision, accuracy and throughput, FANUC CNCs and robots support automated laser solutions from a variety of manufacturers, helping you get the most out of your laser systems!

FANUC offers a complimentary range of CNCs and robots to help machine tool builders and end users take laser system efficiency to the next level. Our world class CNCs are combined with rugged, energy efficient, high-performance servo drive systems that are specifically designed to deliver the industry’s leading reliability and performance in even the most challenging shop environments.

Robotic Laser Solutions


The Versatility of Robots in Laser Applications

FANUC Laser Robots paired with a 3rd party laser source and processing head helps improve the precision and flexibility of applications such as laser cutting and welding. A robot's 6 axes of freedom provides unmatched versatility to any laser system with the ability to touch multiple points at nearly any angle with extreme precision, accuracy and rigidity. Additionally, FANUC has the world's widest range of robot models ready to tackle the challenge for any payload, reach and speed.

Robot Laser Interface Function

FANUC's new Laser interface functions combines the industry leading software users interface with high speed control hardware that optimizes the laser output based on the robot positioning. Integrated functions for 32kHz pulse control and robot speed based ramping controls the power output through pulse modulation or constant wave providing excellent processing performance and quality for cutting and welding applications.


Handling Laser Cut Parts, Made Easy

Adding FANUC handling robots to your laser cutting systems is easy since all FANUC CNC systems and robots share a common control platform. Robots can be integrated quickly and easily into your laser machine processes, with machine/robot connectivity achieved via a standard interface: The CNC’s integrated screens monitor and control the robot and vice versa.

Machine Tending Robots

CNC Laser Solutions


Dedicated CNCs for Laser Machines

FANUC has CNC solutions to support your laser machines! The 0i-LF Plus control is perfect for flat material processing. If you have more complicated applications, the 31-LB Plus and 30i-LB Plus controls provide 5-axis laser cutting capabilities.


Efficient Servos, Less Costs

With the constant accelerating and decelerating moving from hole to hole, laser machines use lots of energy. FANUC’s efficient servo drive systems can reduce the servo energy consumption by as much as 50 percent.


Better Quality Thick & Thin Parts

Look-ahead functions automatically adjusts laser power and axis feedrates to cut high quality sharp corners, which can be challenging in thick material. Accurately adjusting both the laser power level and pulse frequency reduces thermal load and provides uniform and clean edge quality in rounded corners, especially valuable in thin materials.


Safer and Faster Operations

FANUC’s tracing (Gap Control) function ensures that the distance between the laser cutting nozzle and workpiece surface is kept constant. The CNC is in total control of the Z-axis position, which allows for improved safety, higher processing speeds and programmable nozzle clearances.

Tight Synchronization of Laser Output and Axis Positioning

FANUC CNC laser commands are processed on the same high-speed fiber optic bus as the axis position loop updates. This ensure extremely tight synchronization between laser power and axis positioning, an essential component for raster type laser etching.

Better Finishes & Laser Marking

Laser pulse frequencies in excess of 32kHz improve cutting-edge quality and decreases dross, more than halving standard cutting edge roughness in thin materials. The minute laser output control provides ultra-stable laser output at low power levels providing superior quality laser marking capabilities.

More Reliable Processing

On CO2 Lasers machines, FANUC’s patented servo driven “trombone” mirror control ensures that the laser beam length is kept constant from the resonator to the cutting head for more reliable processing, even on a large moving-beam laser machine.

FANUC CO2 Laser Systems

For those laser processing applications where CO2 is, and will continue to be, a more appropriate laser processing technology, FANUC continues to offer RF-excited fast axial flow CO2 laser oscillators in five power ratings, 1KW through 6KW. Complimented by high-fidelity power control, high-frequency pulsing and precise axis/laser-synchronization of the 30i/31i-LB Plus CNC, FANUC CO2 Lasers deliver maximum performance over a wide range of processing applications and material types - from high-speed sheet metal fly-cutting to high-power cutting of steel plate up to 32mm (1¼-inches) thick.

The FANUC 30i/31i-LB Plus Laser CNC supports many CO2-specific laser technology requirements, like servo-driven Optical Path Length Control, used to maintain an optimal laser beam length between the oscillator and the cutting head. FANUC now applies the CO2 Laser communications across its proprietary, noise-immune CNC optical bus FSSB (FANUC Servo Serial Bus) – controlling the servo velocity-loop at rates of up to 31.25 µs and offering performance gains that are essential for true high-speed laser fly-cutting.


FANUC CO2 Laser Models

  • C1000i-C 1kW rated laser output
  • C2000i-C 2kW rated laser output
  • C3000i-C 3kW rated laser output
  • C4000i-C 4kW rated laser output
  • C6000i-C 6kW rated laser output

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Choosing the right integration partner for your laser application depends on more than just material thickness. Factors such as type of material, speed, finish and energy consumption also need to be taken into consideration. Our experts are here to advise you on creating the best possible setup. Wherever you need us, we're available to provide sales, support and customer service all over the world. From pre-sale to integration and maintenance support, we're here to support your laser needs from start to finish.

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