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Servo Amplifiers & Spindle Amplifiers

FANUC Servo Amplifiers are energy efficient and designed to support even your most advanced machining needs, combining enhanced performance with world-famous FANUC reliability.

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FANUC Alpha iD Series Amplifier

ALPHA i-D Series Amplifiers

FANUC’s new generation amplifiers have a smaller footprint, needing up to 30% less space than previous models. With an expanded multi-axis amplifier lineup, this series of drives saves energy use through its new low-consumption design as well as reduced fan operation. A brake control circuit is integrated into the servo amplifiers and a Leakage Detection Function is available in all Alpha i-Ds. Plus, an easy fan replacement feature makes these drives a breeze to maintain. The Alpha i-D Series Amplifiers can be connected to current FANUC CNC Plus Series models.

FANUC Alpha i Servo Amplifier

ALPHA i Series Servo & Spindle Amplifiers

Featuring power source regeneration and low power loss devices, this is the energy efficient solution. Built using a modular structure with αiPS (power supply), αiSP (spindle amplifier) and αiSV (servo amplifier), these models come with built-in leakage detection functionality and a safe torque off function in the servo and spindle amplifier. Maintenance is easy. Replacing the circuit board and fan does not require disassembly.

FANUC Beta-i-SVSP Amplifier

BETA i Series Servo Amplifiers

The cost effective solution with an integrated power supply. This range comes with a servo amplifier for up to two axes or as compact spindle plus servo amplifier unit for one spindle and up to three servo axes. Benefiting from low power loss, they also feature a safe torque off function. Maintenance is easy and replacing the circuit board and fan does not require disassembly. There is a servo amplifier suitable for auxiliary axes, and with the βiSVSP / βiSVSPc models makes a very affordable choice for small and medium size compact lathe machines.