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Integrating FANUC Robots and CNCs

Providing seamless connections between FANUC robots and CNCs for automated machine tending.

Connecting FANUC robots to FANUC CNCs has never been easier with our integration tools: Robot ON-SITE, Robot G-CODE and Robot CONNECT. FANUC’s suite of integration solutions fit a variety of applications and operational needs – all designed to simplify the connection of a FANUC robot to a FANUC-controlled machine tool. Take a look at the options below to see what suits you!

QSSR Code Splitscreen


For a more robotic-centric option, FANUC's Robot ON-SITE enables the robot to control the functionality and actions through robotic programming with the ability to “talk” to the CNC G-code program. This feature enables machine tools, even legacy machines, to be easily connected to robots using just one Ethernet cable.

QSSR - Onsite Demo

Key Features

  • Easy connection of CNC and robot with just one Ethernet cable
  • Easy integration of robots to new and existing machine tools without changing ladder
  • Use Macro Variables as interface signals between robot and CNC which eliminates the need for controls interface hardware design

CNCs Supported

  • 30i/31i/32i-B Plus
  • 30i/31i/32i/35i-B
  • 30i/31i/32i-A
  • 0i-F Plus
  • 0i-F/0i-D
  • PMi-A
  • 16i/18i/21i-B

Robot G-CODE

For operations that lack robotics programming expertise, but have well-versed G-code programmers, FANUC’s Robot G-CODE feature allows the robotic motion to be controlled via G-CODE through the FANUC CNC.


Key Features

  • Robot motion programmed in machine G-code on CNC
  • Teach pendant only needed for initial set up and jogging while inside safety fence
  • Machine settings and ladder need to be configured
  • Does not include safety interface between CNC and Robot
  • Allow for calling of robot TP programs from the G-Code program for additional functionality
  • Additional option available for robot jogging control from machine Manual Pulse Generator (MPG)

CNCs Supported

  • 30i/31i/32i-B
  • 30i/31i/32i-B Plus
  • 0i-F
  • 0i-F Plus


FANUC’s Robot CONNECT feature ensures all functions are performed in a single application by programming the robot’s motion via a teach pendant. This enables the use of intelligent features like vision and FANUC’s iHMI interface to provide step-by-step robotic programming guidance.

Key Features

  • Robot motion programmed using teach pendant using traditional TPE programs
  • Able to use intelligent features like vision
  • iHMI step-by-step programming guides on robot
  • Ladder function blocks provided on FANUC Ladder III
  • Includes safety interface between CNC and Robot (Safety Function by FL-Net option needed for safety signals over Ethernet)
  • CNC Function screens on the robot and Robot Function screens on the CNC

CNCs Supported

  • 0i-F Type1 Step 2
  • 0i-F Plus
  • 30i/31i/32i/35i-B Step 2
  • 30i/31i/32i-B Plus