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CNC Simulator & CNC Machining Simulator

*This product is only available in North America

Based on the FANUC Series 0i-MODEL F Plus CNC, the FANUC CNC Simulator brings the world's most popular CNC right into the classroom or shop training room, providing students and trainees with exposure to FANUC CNC controls without the need for a full machine.

The Simulator is an actual FANUC CNC control, so students will become familiar with the look, feel, function and layout of the control as they navigate and program a fully operational CNC control. FANUC’s MANUAL GUIDE i conversational programming interface allows user to graphically generate programs that can be simulated in 3D, prior to being converted back to conventional NC programs and used on machine tools using FANUC controls. Uploading and downloading (read and punch) functions use a Flash ATA interface and USB interface, and DNC functions are supported by Ethernet and a Flash ATA card.

CNC Simulator Options

Standard CNC Simulator - A02B-0158-B110#US

The CNC simulator is designed specifically for educational and training purposes, ensuring affordable access to the latest FANUC 0i-MODEL F Plus CNC platform in a compact and portable package, easily integrated into any classroom or training area. Add the screen display function software to take over partial control of the simulator on the PC, via the Ethernet connection.


  • • Switchable mill and lathe system in one simulator
  • • 3 Axis milling / 2 axis turning system + 1 spindle
  • • Conversational programming and 3D simulation (MGi)
  • • Inch / metric switchable
  • • 2MB part program storage, with 1,000 registered programs
  • • 128 Tool offset pairs (T) and 400 Tool offset pairs (M)
  • • Work piece coordinates G52 – G59 + 48 additional on mill
  • • 10.4” Color LCD
  • • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • • Weight: Approx. 12kg - Dimensions: 421mm x 220mm x 608mm (W x D x H)

CNC Machining Simulator: Combine CNC Simulator with CNC Machining Simulation Software

The CNC Machining Simulator carries all the same features as the standard simulator with the addition of an internal PC, which will provide a virtual mill or lathe with real kinematics, allowing the user to view the live machine movement, tooling and part machining. Tool and workpiece setup is required and colored back plot, collision detection and sound bring the machine operating experience to life. Software only version is also available for self install and connection to the standard CNC simulator via ethernet.


  • • NC: Oi‐F 3 axis Mill or 2 axis Lathe, switchable at reboot
  • • IPC: Pentium Processor N4200 1.1Ghz Quad core, 8GB RAM, 32GB SSD
  • • Ports: 4 USB 3.0
  • • HDMI display
  • • Software included: Windows 10, Machining Simulation, FASBacCNC
  • • Brackets
  • • User supplies: Monitor, keyboard & mouse

Customizable Options

Think you could benefit from a more customized CNC Simulator solution? Check out our Hardware Simulators. FANUC works with our customers to provide CNC Simulators that combine simulation tools along with our real-world CNC systems and products to give you exactly what you need.

Hardware Simulators