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CNC Hardware Simulators

FANUC Hardware Simulators gives your team the opportunity to learn and troubleshoot without affecting productivity. Offline CNC simulators let machine operators, programmers, and maintenance/engineering personnel learn new skills, test new approaches and troubleshoot existing programs without taking a machine out of production. CNC hardware simulators are a fraction of the cost of using production equipment and come in several configurations to match your production machines, including:

  • 21.5” LCD Touch Panel Display (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • 19” LCD Display (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • 15” LCD Display (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • 10.4” LCD Display (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • PANEL i or Dedicated LCD Displays are supported
  • Alpha-i Servo 3-axis Motion Simulator
  • Beta-i Servo 3-axis Motion Simulator

The Hardware Simulators come with a black anodized aluminum frame and includes front, rear and bottom mounting plates as well as required supporting cables and a +24V DC power supply. The rack and CNC control have basic parameters and PMC ladder logic preloaded. FANUC CNC system components can be ordered separately. Open sides provide easy access for engineering development and maintenance training.

cnc hardware simulator

15” Vertical LCD Display

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CNC Hardware Simulator Configurations


21.5" PANEL i H Pro CNC Simulator

The 21.5” portrait Panel i H Pro CNC Hardware Simulator supports the 30i-B CNC Series and the 0iF Plus controls with a standalone CNC. Three USB ports on the front panel are included with the frame.

19" Horizontal Simulator

The 19" Horizontal CNC simulator supports 30i, 0iF and PMi controls with a 19" iHMI LCD or Panel-i display and is precut for a QWERTY style MDI panel, main B operator panel or safety operator panel type B.

horizontal cnc machining hardware simulator 
cnc hardware simulator 

10.4" & 15" Vertical / Horizontal / Slim Simulators

Both the 10.4" and the 15" horizontal simulators can accommodate up to two 5-slot Model A I/O racks or up to seven terminal-type I/O Modules.

The 10.4" and 15" Slim Simulator is available in horizontal layout. These units are 246mm deep and can accommodate the dedicated LCD and up to two terminal-type I/O modules for the 10.4" or up to four terminal-type I/O modules for the 15".

The 10.4 and 15" Vertical Simulators can accommodate up to two 5-slot Model A I/O racks (or one 10-slot rack in the 15") or up to seven terminal-type I/O modules.

The following hardware is supported on the 10.4", 15" and 19" simulators:

  • Dedicated LCD or Panel i
  • I/O Link channel splitter
  • Stand-alone or LCD-mount CNC
  • QWERTY MDI keyboard
  • Machine operator panel B
  • Subpanel AA or AA1
  • Multisensor unit
  • Safety I/O unit

Alpha-i Servo 3-axis Motion Simulator

The Alpha-i Servo Simulator has three αiS2 Servo Motors with a αiPS3-B Power Supply, one αiSV20 and one αiSV20/20 Amplifier. This unit includes necessary cables, contactor, breakers and a 4.6A + 24V power supply. Operates using standard 208VAC 3 phase power.

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Beta-i Servo 3-Axis Simulators

The Beta-i Servo Simulator provides 3-axis motion simulation so manufacturing engineers and maintenance personnel can visualize servo movement produced by their part program. The simulator may also be used to learn servo parameter setup and enhance servo motor tuning skills.

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CNC Hardware Simulator Specifications

Beta-i Servo 3-Axis Motion Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0023-PB00
  • (400H x 500W x 450D)
10.4” Vertical Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0003-PB00
  • (720H x 436W x 408D)
10.4" Horizontal Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0013-PB00
  • (450H x 657W x 330D)
10.4" Horizontal Slim Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0014-PB00
  • (450H x 657W x 246D)
15” Vertical Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0004-PB00
  • (687H x 466W x 436D)
15" Horizontal Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0015-PB00
  • (450H x 760W x 330D)
15" Horizontal Slim Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0016-PB00
  • (450H x 760W x 246D)
19" Horizontal Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0018-PB00
  • (500H x 1100W x 350D)
21.5" PANELi H Pro CNC Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0022-PB00
  • (695H x 420W x 350D)
Alpha-iS Servo Simulator
  • Part #D73F-0033-PB00
  • (450H x 480W x 400D)

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