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FANUC Power Motion i-Model A Plus

Power Motion i-Model A Plus

FANUC’s Power Motion i-Model A Plus controls complex motion applications powered by FANUC’s reliable and high-performing CNC and servo technology. More than just a PLC, PMi-A Plus can control multiple pieces of industrial equipment as well as run multiple programs simultaneously and independently.

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Benefits of Power Motion i-Model A Plus

Variety of Tasks

Perfect for tasks involving multiple axes, spindles, paths, speeds, pressure, position, and torque controls.


Easy customizable screens with FANUC PICTURE now included.


Seamlessly integrate FANUC robots with Robot ON-SITE.

Saves Energy

Reduces industrial energy consumption.


Supports wide variety of synchronous functions including multi-axis high response mode.

One Operation Commanded

One operation commanded simply by one line of G-code, teach mode, or PMC axis command.

Features of Power Motion i-Model A Plus


Maximum number of paths: 10 paths

Controlled Axes

Maximum total number of controlled axes: 32 axes

Simultaneously Controlled Axes

Maximum number of simultaneous controlled axes: 4 axes per path


Supported by AC SERVO MOTOR Alpha i-B/Beta i-B series as well Alpha i-D series

Range of Displays

Wide range of displays available including: FANUC iPC and PANEL iH/iH Pro with iHMI support, 10.4” to 24” wide screen LCD.

Safer Operations

Handheld unit components feature an emergency stop button and a manual pulse generator for safer operations

I/O Units

Wide range of I/O units available to support various industrial machines

Power Motion i-Model A Plus is perfect for these applications:

  • Press Machines
  • Die Cushions
  • Loaders
  • Body Assembly Line
  • Wire Saws
  • Winding Machines
  • Filling Machines
  • Winding Machines
  • Packing/ Wrapping Machines
  • Stamping Machines
  • Press Fitting Machine
  • Inserter
  • Printing Machine
  • Various Dedicated Machines
  • Replacing Hydraulic/ Air Cylinders with Servo Systems