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HMI Customization

Want your machine tool to have house branded and unique screens? FANUC PICTURE enables the creation and display of customized HMI designs on the FANUC CNC screen. PICTURE projects can be easily imported and exported in a format executable directly by the CNC and displayed on the standard LCD screen without requiring additional PC display.

Key Benefits

  • Supports different screen sizes and resolutions, touch screens, including virtual keypads, multi-language HMI applications and more
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Rich set of controls such as keys, switches, push buttons, touch buttons, lamps, scales, etc.
  • Many parameters can be adjusted for each of the objects
  • No need to program, just draw and parameter
  • Easy import-export of projects, variables, descriptions and translations
  • Script language (scheduled or event driven) to execute complex tasks
  • Powerful HMI without the requirement of PC hardware
  • Simple modification of the HMI to follow machine and production evolution