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CNC Panel HMI - Intelligent Human Machine Interface (iHMI)

The FANUC Intelligent Human Machine Interface (iHMI) provides a simple, efficient and intuitive way to interact with a number of FANUC CNCs, including 30i/31i/32i-B, 30i/31i/32i-B Plus, and 0iF Plus. The iHMI features a new look with new hardware, including a flat-panel touchscreen display and highly graphical, straightforward navigation. iHMI also incorporates a variety of new tools and features designed to increase ease-of-use, improve operational efficiency and bring more control to the shop floor.

iHMI: Easy, Intuitive, Modern.

While the iHMI provides a new way to interface with FANUC CNCs, machine operations have the same look and feel as older FANUC controls as well as come with all the great performance and reliability benefits of FANUC CNCs.


Accurate Cycle Time Estimations

The iHMI’s enhanced “Planning Functions” more accurately estimates production runs. The Cycle Time Estimation function processes CAD/CAM programs quicker to provide estimated cycle times within 5% accuracy, which creates better planning and greater overall efficiency.

Predict Tool Usage and Lifespan

The Tool Manager function imports the machine tool’s data for tool usage and lifespan monitoring. Having quick access to this information helps to set tool offsets, create machining simulations and avoid collisions.

Ease of Use

See the most common operations without having to navigate back and forth between multiple screens on the redesigned CNC operation screen. Plus, the iHMI comes with a variety of packaged cycle commands for easier standard operations set up.

Part Programming

Review, edit or write G-code using the iHMI. In the Set-up screen, set or change set up parameters, such as tool positioning or tool length compensation. In the Machining screen, monitor the process parameters, including feed spindle speeds and program process.

Machining Simulation

Powerful Machining Simulation included in the iHMI is provided for proving out programs and cycles. iHMI supports both animated and tool track renderings.

Optimize Machining and Programs

The iHMI’s Servo Viewer presents waveform graphs of key operating data, such as the position and speed of the feed axis and the torque of the spindle, which helps optimize the cutting conditions and machine programs to shorten cycle times.

Predictive Maintenance

Get IIOT benefits with the iHMI’s data collection and connection capabilities. The Maintenance Manager function monitors the performance of the CNC’s components and sends an alert if a component might be reaching the end of its expected lifespan. The alert links to the operator’s manual with repair instructions.

New Hardware

The iHMI has several hardware improvements, including flat-panel touch screens, soft-touch keys and a tougher shell with greater resistance to corrosive materials like cooling fluid. iHMI is available in horizontal and vertical configurations with 10.4”, 15”, or 19” panel sizes.