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Basic Model CNCs

The 0iF-Model F has offered up fast, accurate performance for a wide range of applications including milling, turning, punching and grinding. For the latest generation of this series, check out the 0i-MODEL F Plus.


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FANUC CNC Series 0i-MF for CNC Milling

Advanced machining cycles and features associated with high-speed machining of complex surfaces.

  • Tilted Working Plane
  • Set-Up Guidance
  • Nano-Smoothing
  • Jerk Control
  • Program Restart
  • 3-D Manual Feed
  • 32-Character Program Names
  • Cutter Radius Compensation
  • Small-Hole Peck Drilling Cycle
  • G54-G59 Plus 48 Additional Workpiece Coordinate Offsets
  • Threading Cycle
  • Polar Coordinate Command
  • 400 Tool Off sets Pairs
  • Tool Life Management
  • Tool Length Measurement
  • Scaling
  • Helical Interpolation

FANUC CNC Series 0i-TF for CNC Turning

Turning centers benefit from advanced turning cycles and integrated milling using a spindle c-axis or independent y-axis and live tooling.

  • Threading Retract
  • Arbitrary Speed Threading & Thread Repair
  • Balanced Cut
  • Dual-Path Synchronization
  • Tool-Nose Radius Compensation
  • Multiple Repetitive Cycles
  • Canned Cycles for Drilling
  • High-Speed Rigid Tapping
  • Standard, Multi-Lead & Variable Lead Threading Cycles
  • Polar Coordinate Interpolation for C-axis / Y-axis / Live Tools with Cutter Radius Compensation
  • Lathe G-code systems A/B/C
  • Chamfering / Corner R
  • Programmable Data Input
  • Direct Drawing Dimension Programming
  • Threading Cycle
  • Polar Coordinate Command
  • Tool Life Management
  • Tool Length Measurement
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Mirror Image for Double Turret
  • Polygon Turning
  • High-Speed Skip for Probing