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P-25iB Hood/ Deck Opener

  • 175-LBF
  • 3397 mm
  •  5

Dedicated Hood/ Deck Opener

While other’s rely on using a paint robot to open hoods & decks, FANUC has a DEDICATED robot to do the job. The P-25iB is built to lift your heavy swing metal but can keep up with your product as it moves down the line. When coupled with any of our other paint robots, this unit can make sure your interior looks as good as your exterior.

P-25iB Robot


P-25iB Arm

Flexible Mounting for Maximum Use

Floor, wall and inverted mounting allows easy access to even the hard-to-reach spaces. The robot can also be mounted for elevated, in-booth and clean wall floor style rails.

P-700iB with P-25iB

Up Down and All Around

Do you have a stop station or a moving line? Either is fine. Thanks to the dynamic design of the P-25iB, this robot can be mounted on a pedestal or a rail. It can move along with your vehicle as it is getting painted or stay in place to make sure we don’t drop the hood.

P-25iB Blueprint

Robust Tooling

While vehicles can vary from customer to customer, the P-25iB was designed to serve everyone with one universal tool. The robust hook design utilized at the end of arm allows enough flexibility to lift any hood or deck while providing the strength required to hold it while your product gets the finishing touch.

R-30iB Controller

No Extra Controllers

Due to the efficient FANUC controller design, the P-25iB does not need a stand alone controller because this robot can run off a shared controller with the paint robot. This means less of a crowd in your clean room allowing you more space for different equipment or a smaller plant overall.


Download Specs

  • 5
  • 175-LBF
  • 1500 mm/s
  • Pedestal/Rail
  • 3397 mm