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  • 12 kg
  • 3123 mm
  •  6

Long arm small payload multipurpose robot

This new small to medium payload 6-axis model is ideal for all applications to handle medium payloads for up to 12 kg. With the smallest payload capacity in the M-710 series, it has extended, long arm reach (3.1 m), making it the perfect choice for robotic sealing applications when working on car body interiors or other hard to reach areas.



For smaller payloads

Featuring the smallest payload of the series the M-710iC/12L offers 6-axis versatility within a large envelope for loads not exceeding 12kg.

IP67 wrist protection as standard

Thanks to its dust and waterproof wrist, this model is ideal for entering harsh environments.


Flexible mounting

Versatile mounting options: floor, upside down and angle mounting with the M-710iC/12L.

The flexible solution for the automobile industry

With its long reach this model is ideal for car body sealing.

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  • 6
  • 12 kg
  • ± 0.09 mm
  • Floor / Upside Down / Angle
  • 3123 mm