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Arc Welding Robot Systems

The FANUC ARC Mate robot series allows users to maximize productivity, optimize quality, minimize manufacturing costs, and improve the safety of your workplace. Plus, with a lack of skilled welders available in the industry, now is the perfect time to automate your arc welding processes.

Our well-known ARC Mate Series of industrial arc welding robots includes welding robots that range from 7 kg - 25 kg in payload, and 911 mm - 3123 mm in reach. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial arc welding applications such as MIG and TIG welding or plasma and laser cutting. Different models are available to meet a variety of demands, and all come with a variety of tools to increase their versatility and help make your arc welding processes safer and more efficient.

FANUC robots can effortlessly integrate with almost all weld packages, allowing quick torch, wire feeder and dress pack installations as well as an easy-to-use welding power source interface thanks to in-built libraries. Users can simply select and weld.

Selecting the Proper FANUC Arc Welding Cobot or Robot Model for Your Operation

With the largest range of robot models and an easy-to-use programming interface, FANUC's arc welding robots paired with our knowledge and expertise gives manufacturers of all sizes the ability to automate even the most difficult welding projects. We have an arc welding robot and cobot for every level of operation, whether you are new to automation or an advanced user.

FANUC Arc Welding Cobots or Robots for Your Operations Starting with Automation

Even for those who have never used a robot, FANUC’s advanced welding collaborative robot technology is easy to use and fast to deploy. Generally speaking, FANUC Collaborative Arc welding robots are an ideal solution for manufacturing operations that have low volume, high mix production. Plus, FANUC has the largest network of Authorized System Integration partners to help manufacturers automate arc welding processes, increasing their productivity and profitability while helping to solve the skilled welder labor challenges.

FANUC Arc Welding Robots for Intermediate Automation Users

Shops that have some experience using automation to advance their welding operations, but maybe aren’t fully automated yet need arc welding robots that are reliable and accurate to get the job done. FANUC has a wide variety of industrial arc welding robots to help these shops stay competitive in today’s fast-paced economy without having to add already hard to find skilled welders. Plus, many of our ASI partners have pre-engineered systems that make deploying arc welding robotic automation fast and easy.

FANUC Arc Welding Robots for Advanced or High-Volume Operations

FANUC has the highest payload and longest reach arc welding robots popular with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. If you are looking for the most advanced arc welding robots, consider the selection below.

Benefits of FANUC ARC Welding Robots

FANUC Robot welding metal

Seamless Integration of Auxiliary Motors and Positioners

Integrating additional FANUC motors creates an automated arc welding system with more capability while maintaining easy setup and programming. Welding positioners can be programmed to move independently or coordinated with the robot motion to optimize welding speed and quality.

Capable of MIG, TIG, Plasma and Laser Welding

Select the weld process that fits your application with the confidence that the ARC Mate robot can handle MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), Plasma (PAW) or Laser welding. FANUC works with you to create low spatter welding solutions to give a clean finish on your parts.

Longest Reach in Its Class

The M-710iC/12L is the longest reach hollow arm robot available on the market. This reach makes it possible to weld very large parts and eliminates the need for a rail axis in arc welding applications.

Slim and Strong

FANUC’s arc welding robots have slim wrists well suited for arc welding processes involving hard-to-access spaces. Used extensively in TIER 1 manufacturing for car axle, bracket, seat and exhaust welding, as well as to produce goods such as beams and cranes and base business goods such as tanks, tubes and pipes, etc., FANUC robots also offer both the strength and reliability to handle all arc welding applications, including submerged arc welding, tandem torches and multiple welding processes on the same robot. Additional payload capability allows other peripheral equipment such as sensors or grippers for material handling tasks.

Hollow Wrist Advantage

Hollow wrist design routes the welding torch through the robot arm to reduce wear and tear on the expensive welding cables. The through-arm design also protects the cabling and allows offline programming without having to simulate cable placement. Robots combine excellent freedom of movement with extremely high repeatability and offer slim wrists and arms not only capable of accessing narrow spaces, but also strong enough to carry heavy torches and welding utilities.

Arc Welding Robots for Additive

FANUC’s arc welding robot family supports applications like additive manufacturing. All of the arc welding robots in our ARC Mate Series are up to the task of enabling our customers to add flexibility and efficiency to their additive manufacturing processes. Easy offline program generation, along with the ability to easily import 3rd party paths, enables customers to quickly take solid models from the digital world and make them come to life.

Arc Welding Case Studies

Smoker Craft Speeds Up Pontoon Production with Robotic Welding

Smoker Craft, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of recreational boats, partnered with Guide Engineering, a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, to implement a new robotic system to weld pontoon components and assemblies.

CRX Cobot Welding Automation Ramps Up Pitts & Spitts’ Grill Production

Significant growth prompted Pitts & Spitts to consider automation to produce its industry-leading line of smokers and grills. Today, with the help of a FANUC CRX Cobot, Pitts & Spitts is able to meet production volumes and looks forward to implementing more automation to accommodate future expansion.

Arc Welding Robot and Cobot Application Videos

Wistia video thumbnail

CRX Live Welding


Welding Fabricated Metal

Courtesy of Beamcut

Welding Applications

CRX Welding Applications

Wistia video thumbnail

ARC Welding and Material Joining

CRX 10iA Welding

CRX-10iA - Manual Teach and Arc Weld

Wistia video thumbnail

Fab-Pak OmniClean System

Courtesy of Lincoln Electric

Wistia video thumbnail

Aluminum Welding Robot

Courtesy of Weldbot

Wistia video thumbnail

FastArc Welding

Courtesy of Acieta

Wistia video thumbnail

Robot-Assisted Busbar Laser Welding

Courtesy of Laserax

Software for Arc Welding Robots

FANUC’s solutions for simple setup and programming make it easy to start automating your arc welding process.

Welder Guiding FANUC CRX-10iA/L

ArcTool for Easy Programming of Arc Welding Robots

ArcTool software provides an easy-to-understand user interface using common welding terms to enable faster development of robot programs, which allows for quicker robot deployment. The common programming language used with all FANUC robots makes it easy for all plant personnel to work with any robot.

Smart Functions for Intelligent Robotic Arc Welding

When welding inconsistent production parts, optional sensors will adjust the weld program to maintain weld quality. Options such as Touch Sensing, Through Arc Seam Tracking and laser vision will add seam finding, seam tracking or joint measurement capabilities. Adaptive capability to adjust the weld parameters can be used to optimize weld size based on sensor feedback.


WeldPRO Simulation Software

WeldPRO, a ROBOGUIDE plug-in, provides offline simulation software for programming as well as testing robots and customizing layouts to optimize your workcell and application. CAD to PATH functionality allows you to import CAD drawings in just one click and can be modified offline, even while robots are working. Torch vs. fixture, automatic collision avoidance and weld cycle optimizations make arc welding applications even more efficient. A free trial of this software is available, contact us for more information.

Automatic TCP Alignment

Our intelligent arc welding robots can automatically adjust Tool Center Point (TCP) during torch maintenance to maximize system uptime and increase productivity by maintaining consistent weld seams.

MultiARM Technology to Boost Productivity

FANUC’s MultiArm function enables robots to be controlled using a single CPU. It can control from two to four robots simultaneously, allowing for DualArm, TripleArm and QuadArm applications. This translates into a coordinated layout that is especially efficient on arc welding, material handling, spot welding applications.

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