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FANUC Force Sensor for Precise Force Control

FANUC Force Sensors allow our robots the ability to sense applied force in multiple directions, while also enabling our robots to detect force and torque applied to the end effector in 6 degrees of freedom. This provides them with an almost human sense of touch and the ability to undertake work previously done by craftsmen. 4 different sizes of Force Sensors are available for 6-axis FANUC robots with payload capacities up to 250 kg. FANUC Force Sensors achieve maximum uptime by combining fewer parts with FANUC reliability. For faster processing they are completely integrated into the robot.


What is A Force Sensor Used for?

Force sensitive tasks such as assembly, fitting and weighing applications as well as deburring and polishing can be automated with the highly sensitive force control achievable through this fully integrated intelligent option. Equipped with a Force Sensor, robots are capable of precision assembly, contouring and measuring tasks across a vast number of manufacturing robot applications.

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Robot Force Torque Sensors - Uses & Applications


Precise Insertion & Assembly

Insert workpieces into very exact tolerances to assemble gearboxes and other mechanical devices using phase matching for cogs and bearings.


Deburr Rough Castings

Parts are deburred precisely by compensating for dimensional deviations in unfinished parts such as castings.


Polishing & Grinding

Grind and polish metal parts by measuring the force applied and controlling the robot’s motion path in real time to keep the tool pressed to the part with constant force.


Sanding & Contouring

Achieve the perfect robotically sanded finish to your parts. FANUC force sensors achieve maximum uptime by combining a simple design involving fewer parts with FANUC reliability.

Accurate Inspection

Inspect holes or shafts using a limit gauge attached to the robot’s end effector.

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High Speed Data Output

Stream Force Control Data and Current TCP or Joint angle positions at high-speed through Ethernet. There are five data types that can be set to stream including:

  • Current uTool positions
  • Commanded uTool positions
  • Actual joint angles
  • Commanded joint angles
  • Six channels of force data


Easy to Operate

FANUC force torque sensors include built-in features for easier operation including:

• Auto tune sensor performance
• Hardware installation guide
• Force and moment display/graph
• Force schedule execution history
• Calculate EOAT mass and COG
• Auto generate contouring paths
• Powerful, easy to use but flexible schedules


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