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Other FANUC Robot Controllers - FANUC R-30iB A-Cabinet and FANUC R-30iB B-Cabinet Controllers

The FANUC R-30iB Controller uses high-performance hardware and the latest advances in network communications, integrated iRVision, and motion control functions. The R-30iB Controller features FANUC’s exclusive new and easy-to-use touch screen iPendant with 4D graphics. The iPendant displays process information and the actual process path directly on the iPendant screen, enabling easier setup and troubleshooting.

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Based on the latest FANUC Series 30iB CNC Controller, the R-30iB Robot Controller is compact, providing customers a significant space savings. The R-30iB Controller is also energy efficient, requiring less power consumption than previous models, and available with an optional power regeneration feature.

FANUC R30iB Plus Controller R-30iB_A-Cab_white FANUC R-30iB B-Cabinet FANUC R-30iB Mate Open Air Controller FANUC R-30iB Mate Cabinet FANUC R-30iA Paint Mate Controller