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Welding Cobot Helps Diamond Doors Onshore Hinge Production

Diamond Doors, based in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada produces bi-fold doors for a variety of industries including aviation, agriculture, and industrial markets.  After years of producing door hinges offshore, the company wanted a solution to bring production in-house.

Challenges solved by:

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  • A need to produce door hinges in-house
  • Find a solution to achieve high-volume production
  • Meet corporate standards for quality and consistency


  • Moved hinge production from offshore

  • Cobot is extremely easy to program and use

  • Solution provides high quality, reliable and consistent welding

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    Provides employees career enrichment opportunities


Since 1998, Diamond Doors based in Manitoba, Canada has been a leading producer of high-quality bi-fold doors for a wide range of industries.

A strong commitment to continuous R&D prompted the company to bring most of their production processes in-house, including door hinges that had been manufactured offshore for years.

Since hinges are produced at extremely high volumes, it was challenging to find a way to do that job in-house. After exploring various robot and cobot applications, Diamond Doors partnered with the Lincoln Electric Company. Lincoln’s Cooper™ Cobot solution provides maximum flexibility and the opportunity for product customization. In addition, the Cooper Cobot is easy to learn and use with FANUC’s Tablet TP that features drag and drop programming.

Any initial fears about robots taking jobs have been completely calmed by the growth opportunities provided by the cobot. Today, the operators are relieved from several mundane tasks and able to enhance their skills.

As Diamond Doors’ business increases, the company is looking to implement several more cobots in the near future.

Jim Suderman - Co-Owner, Diamond Doors

The cobot provides opportunities for advancement by allowing our operators to oversee the mundane tasks versus doing the same thing over and over again.

Jim Suderman

Co-Owner - Diamond Doors

FANUC Products Used

Meet Lincoln Electric, FANUC Authorized System Integrator

The Lincoln Electric Company’s Cooper Cobot featuring FANUC’s CRX-10i helps improve welding productivity, quality, and repeatability in a collaborative way. Featuring easy programming, the welding cobot uses the Power Wave® R450 robotic welding platform to run the system with industry-leading performance.

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About Diamond Doors

Diamond Doors is a leading producer of bi-fold doors for the aviation, agriculture, and industrial markets. Diamond Doors’ measure of success is customer satisfaction.

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