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FANUC CNCs for Education

The need for skilled workers with automation training certifications is growing, too. According to The Manufacturing Institute, there are over 600,000 unfilled manufacturing positions in the US, but many applicants lack the skills and training to do the job. In the next ten years, this gap is expected to grow to as many as 2 million unfilled manufacturing jobs as the number of highly skilled manufacturing jobs continues to outpace the pool of trained candidates.

With the majority of industry turning to FANUC robots and CNC systems, graduates who are familiar with FANUC equipment and systems have an advantage over their competitors in the job market. With over 3.7 million CNCs, 16 million servo motors and 500,000 industrial robots installed worldwide, FANUC is the most common platform in manufacturing for both CNC systems and robots. Students trained on FANUC equipment will be better equipped to hit the ground running and be productive from the start.


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FANUC collaborates with other industry technology leaders in automation, advanced manufacturing, the connected enterprise and education to develop a certification program that addresses the needs of employers and aligns with secondary and post-secondary programs of study.

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CNC Curriculum

FANUC offers a world-class CNC curriculum based on the needs of the machining industry, in line with the Key Concepts teaching approach. This approach explains both how tasks are completed using a FANUC CNC and the reasoning behind the processes. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and uses a logical “show-me” tutorial method of instruction. Upon completion of the course, students will understand how to get a machine set up and into production.

The curriculum includes two courses, one course focuses on machining centers (mills) and the other on turning centers (lathes). Each course covers ten key concepts; six on programming and four on set up and operation. If a student can understand these ten basic principles, they are well on their way to becoming a proficient CNC user. Courses are available online or in a traditional classroom setting. The content is the same regardless of the delivery method with presentations, reading materials, exercises, tests and final evaluations. Students have access to projects and labs – which can be carried out using the FANUC CNC Simulator or NCGuide (FANUC CNC software running on a PC) – before transferring the programs to a certification cart or another FANUC-controlled machine to cut metal.

Course instructors in certified programs must meet the education training standards established by FANUC. To become certified, instructors must participate in FANUC training on programming and operation of the latest FANUC equipment.

FANUC Tools for Education

NCGuide Academic Package

The NCGuide Academic Package is FANUC CNC software running on a PC. NCGuide is ideal for dedicated training rooms or development teams, and is available with single or multi-seat licenses. NCGuide provides a realistic operation and part programming environment so students can write, test and optimize programs without taking a machine out of production. NCGuide supports both conventional G-code programming including canned cycles and custom macros and FANUC’s conversational programming, MANUAL GUIDE i

CNC Simulator

The FANUC CNC Simulator brings the world’s most popular controls to the classroom, providing students with exposure to FANUC CNCs without the need for a full machine. The FANUC CNC Simulator is based on the FANUC Series 0i-MODEL F platform, and can be operated in either milling or turning configurations. Students will experience the look, feel and layout of the control as they navigate and program a fully functioning CNC. Using ISO G-code programming or the FANUC MANUAL GUIDE i conversational programming interface, students can simulate wireframe toolpath or 3D solid modeling before transferring the program to a machine tool.

  • Switchable mill and lathe (turning) system in one simulator
  • 3-axis milling / 2-axis turning system plus one spindle
  • MANUAL GUIDE i for conversational program creation and 3D simulation
  • USB, Flash ATA and Ethernet connectivity
  • Power: AC 100-240V

Machining Simulator

The FANUC Machining Simulator encompasses the complete manufacturing process from part design and engineering to CNC programming to virtual production simulation. The FANUC Machining Simulator features Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD/CAM/CAE software and a custom machining simulation program.

Certification Carts

Tabletop CNC certification carts are portable machines with a FANUC CNC, so students can practice machine set up and operation, and bring their programs into reality by making parts. The certification carts can be easily moved from classroom to classroom through a standard doorway and require only a standard wall outlet for power. Carts are available in turning (lathe) configuration or machining (mill) configuration with optional tooling packages that correspond with the lab exercises in the FANUC education curriculum.

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