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FANUC CNC Options - Achieve greater productivity from your FANUC CNCs

Your FANUC CNC could achieve more than you might expect.

Often it requires just an activation of software options that were not part of the original machine tool package. If  you are not sure which options are currently on your system, contact our Options Team and they can help determine which options simply need to be turned on and which ones are available for purchase on your specific system.

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Popular FANUC CNC Options

FANUC Part Program Memory

  • Increase memory space allocated for storage of part programs
  • Allows larger programs to be created or revised at the machine
  • Reduces need to delete programs to free up space if the program must be reloaded for use later

FANUC Background edit

  • Create or revise a part program while another part program is running the machine
  • Upload or download programs while another program is running the machine
  • Save valuable setup time by allowing the operator to prepare for the next part while the current program is running

FANUC Expanded program editing

  • Enhance part programming capabilities
  • Provides copy, merge, move, and replace functions
  • Reduce edit time when creating or revising part programs at the machine

FANUC Registered part program additions

  • Increase number of programs that can be stored in program memory
  • Most controls store up to 63 programs; however, some can be increased to as many as 1000 programs
  • Especially beneficial if using many small part programs, sub-programs or macro programs

FANUC Custom Macro / FANUC Custom Macro B

  • Expands part programming language
  • Includes program flow control, math and logic functions, and local and system variables
  • Easily create your own custom cycles or parametric family parts program
  • Error-proof processes and data entry
  • Imagine how a clever programmer could improve your machining processes

Applications for Probing:

  • Access to machine position after probe triggers
  • Variables to store data and calculated values
  • Arithmetic functions to calculate new values
  • Access to offset tables and other CNC system data
  • Logic and part program flow to make decisions on impact of measurement
  • Alert operator if problem condition

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High-speed skip

  • High-speed electronic circuits with high-priority CNC function to accurately record position when probe trips
  • Aborts remaining axis motion after probe trips
  • Stores axes positions in Custom Macro Variables
  • Automatic compensation for lag, even during acc/dec
  • 0.1 msec probe signal detection
  • Series 15/16/18 - 8 inputs
  • Series 21/0 - 1 input

Coordinate system rotation

  • G68 rotates the 3D coordinate system by a specified number of degrees
  • Simplify programming a part with a repeated & rotated shape (i.e. fan blade)

Work coordinate system

  • G54 - G59 simplifies part setup
  • Offset values sets (6 preset work coordinate systems) can be selected from the program
  • 48 additional work offsets available
  • Simplifies programming by shifting program zero relative to machine zero

Helical interpolation

  • Synchronizes the circular motion of 2 axes with the linear move of another axis
  • Useful for thread milling, or milling large holes with small tools

Data server or remote buffer

  • Avoid data starvation when drip feeding large programs through a serial port in DNC mode by adding a high-speed  communication board
  • Board provides separate CPU (Data Server Function uses FTP to transfer NC data or to operate the DNC; Remote Buffer Card is with  RS232C/RS422 ports and memory space for serial port data buffering)
  • Capable of continuous running large part programs in DNC mode at same speed as if the program was stored in internal memory

High speed machining

  • Most machines are designed for either high speed or high accuracy
  • High speed machining options provide look ahead, enhanced acc/dec control, and automatic feedrate control to increase both speed and accuracy
  • Higher machining speed reduces part cycle time and increases production capacity of the machine