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Automation Solutions for Job Shops

FANUC helps job shops “right size” and increase their production and efficiency no matter the type or complexity of their production.

With customer customization now becoming standard, the landscape of manufacturing has changed from High Volume/Low Mix to Low Volume/High Mix. This new reality coupled with production challenges like global pressures, labor shortages, tight tolerances, cycle time reduction and OEE is requiring job shops and contract manufacturers to make smart decision for their businesses.

To stay competitive, it’s all about cycle time as well as having flexible and reliable equipment and processes used to meet customers’ strict requirements. With a global installation base of over 4 million CNCs, 21 million servo motors, and 900,000 industrial robots, FANUC is the world’s leading automation platform in manufacturing and offers solutions for operations no matter the size or industry.

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“By having a standard CNC platform with FANUC controls, it simplifies the training of our operators and maintenance technicians”

Bill Cox - Owner and President of Cox Manufacturing


Worker using manufacturing equipment

Solve Labor Challenges

With an aging workforce and unskilled labor pool, manufacturing’s skills gap is a major issue affecting productivity levels and the bottom line. By tapping FANUC’s automation solutions, businesses can increase uptime while minimizing their need to spend more on equipment and hire more operators.

Student learning CNC Control Panel

FANUC’s CNC and Robotics Training

FANUC offers robust CNC training services and robotic training certifications to help the manufacturing industry fill the growing demand for skilled workers. FANUC collaborates with fellow industry technology leaders in automation, advanced manufacturing, IIOT and education to create a world-class curriculum to address employers’ needs.

Students learning FANUC CNC Panels

FANUC Education Programs

To train the next generation of skilled workers, our educational certification programs align with secondary and post-secondary programs to meet the nationally recognized certifications provided through NOCTI, MSSC, SACA, NIMS, AMTEC and more. FANUC America has partnered with over 1,500+ schools throughout North America to provide them with a STEM-based curriculum centered on CNC and robot programming and operation.


Advanced Machining Advantages

FANUC offers three sizes of ROBODRILL vertical machining centers for job shops looking to get more out of their machine tools. At the heart of every ROBODRILL is a FANUC CNC system providing unparalleled speed and precision.  The ROBODRILL provides unique features such as the patented high-speed tool changer that can carry 21 tools and the best reliability in its class.

FANUC Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Efficiency

With by far the shortest cycle times on most machining operations, all ROBODRILL vertical machining centers offer incredible performance and unbeatable efficiency. With a rapid tool change time of 0.7 seconds and a turret capable of handling tools weighing 4 kg, the new advanced version is both the fastest and strongest vertical machining center on the market.

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After years of contemplating automation, Performance Composites, Inc. in Compton, California, looked to GrayMatter Robotics for a robotic solution to sand fiberglass and composite products used for the transportation industry - primarily buses, trains, and trucks.

Robotics Solutions for Job Shops

Adding the right mix of automation to streamline machining processes. See how JTEKT Automotive successfully integrated equipment to improve process times.

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FANUC Robot Operating in Job Shop

Robots - Right Sized for your operation

FANUC robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options, straightforward integration and payloads up to 2,300kg. Flexible mounting solutions allow you to customize where the robot is mounted in relation to the machine tool. Sometimes the most ideal solution is to place the robot inside a machine tool.

FANUC CR-7iA Collaborative Robot

Improve Processes and Safety with Collaborative Robots

FANUC’s expanding line of collaborative robots can work alongside your employees to take over tedious, repetitive tasks, thus maintaining your worker’s health and safety while improving job set up time and consistency of your production. Moreover, FANUC’s collaborative robots are easy to program and can be seamlessly integrated into any manufacturing process without the need for barriers.

FANUC LR-Mate 200iD Machine Tending

Automated Machine Tending

Because space is at a premium in most production facilities, many job shops look for machine tending robots that have a small footprint and can be easily added to their existing production facilities. FANUC's robots and software make it easy to connect the equipment and improve throughput as well as overall equipment effectiveness.

FANUC Robot in cage tending to ROBODRILL machine utilizing QSSR

Simplify Operations

With Robot and CNC Integration, you’ll be able to easily connect up to four machine tools with one robot using just one Ethernet cable. Save time and money by combining the setup of these pieces of equipment. Plus, Robot and CNC Integration offers more operation flexibility by being able to control the robot from the machine tool display screen as well as see the production status and tool offset changes via the robot teach pendant.


Transforming Into a Modern Data Driven Shop and Improving Quoting Capabilities

Automatically capturing data on machine uptime and downtime, job performance, and machine status are just some of the many capabilities available from FANUC products. See how TEMCO Tool Company transformed into a data shop, and how they improved their quoting process. 

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Boost Efficiency

FANUC is committed to delivering products that unlock efficiency, reliability and innovation in operations of all sizes.

Reduce Cycle Times and Increase Uptime

FANUC systems integrate nanometer precision CNCs with robust servo and spindle systems to help decrease cycle times, enhance part accuracy and extend machine life. Plus, machine tools with FANUC CNCs are more reliable and have less downtime due to our unparalleled MTBF.

Standardized CNC Systems

Our systems integrate high-speed CNC and drive system hardware with servo and spindle motors featuring ultra-smooth rotation, accurate current detection and 32-million-count-per-revolution feedback devices.

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Reduce Your Costs

A variety of FANUC’s automation solutions can help minimize your costs and boost your bottom line.

Affordable Solutions

We provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) due to our competitively priced acquisition costs and comparatively lower running costs, including higher performance and quality parts, leading to minimized downtime costs and a greater resale value.

Free Technical Support

Get added value when using FANUC’s lifetime maintenance service, free technical phone support and first-rate service and engineering resources to support you.

Eliminate Extra Steps and Costs

The high-performance machining capabilities of our CNCs and ROBODRILL products provide a superior surface finish quality whether you are machining simple prismatic parts or the most complex curves using advanced spline interpolation. This minimizes the need for secondary operations in many cases, reducing both the cycle time and part costs.

Conserve Resources

Our drive systems use high-efficiency components and return energy to the electrical supply when axes decelerate, significantly reducing energy costs while being environmentally friendly. CNC screens display current energy usage, with data able to be collected via Ethernet and stored for analysis.

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