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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions and Robotic Pharmacy Automation Systems

When it comes to pharmacy automation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and life sciences, what manufacturers need most is production systems that can safely process, dispense, label, and package medications and prescriptions at high volume. Pharmacy automation providers must be able to prove their equipment and solutions operate with precision at all times to ensure medications are being manufactured to the right dose and prescriptions are filled with the correct quantity.


Robotic Vertical Cartoning System for Pharmaceutical Vials

Courtesy of Serpa Packaging Systems

FANUC America and our Authorized System Integrators (ASIs) have decades of experience in helping pharmaceutical manufacturers meet their production and productivity goals with customized pharmacy automation systems and robotic pharmacy solutions. Bottom line: Nobody has more experience in pharmacy automation and life science solutions than FANUC and our experienced team of ASIs.

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FANUC Clean Room Robots for Pharma Manufacturing

FANUC clean room robots are specifically designed to work in pharmaceutical or lab environments. Our clean room robots were built to meet the standard requirements (IP67 standard) of highly demanding pharmacy and lab environments - with no compromise of robot speed and repeatability. Based on a slim, entirely encapsulated design, our clean room robots reach high flexibility levels, adding versatility to their ability to perform many types of automated pharmacy applications within compact cells, such as automated medication dispensing. FANUC clean room robots can achieve Clean room Class ISO 5, and have a much higher reliability than manual applications. For more information about our clean room robots contact our sales team today.

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Pharmacy Automation Solutions for Pharma Manufacturing


Medical Tray Handling System

Courtesy of JH Robotics


Medical Syringe Assembly System

Courtesy of Farason Corporation


Automated vial filling, capping and labeling

Courtesy of Dynamic Automation & Robotics


Pharma Case Packing System with Labeler & Leaflet Feeder

Courtesy of ESS Technologies


Pharmaceutical Cartoning System

Courtesy of TransAutomation Technologies


Cotton Swab Handling via SCARA Robot

Courtesy of Interactive Design

Robotic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes for Improved Pharmaceutical Production

Pharma and clean room robots have proven to help improve working conditions in hospital and pharmacy settings. With decades of industry experience and expertise, our team of robotics experts have automated nearly every pharma application possible. Pharmacy automation application areas include:

Robotic Applications & Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Robots for vaccine production
  • Cold Chain robotic handling
  • Freezer robot handling
  • Automated pharmaceutical test kit assembly and packaging systems
  • Automated pill bottle assembly, labeling, and packaging systems
  • Automated syringe assembly, inspection, and preparation for packaging
  • Automatic drug / medication dispensing
  • Automatic syringe labeling systems
  • Aseptic monoblock dispensing, filling and capping system
  • Aseptic syringe or vial dispensing, filling and capping system
  • Clean room robot solutions for use in a variety of automated systems at hospitals, pharmacies, lab room settings, and more
  • Prescription delivery device assembly
  • Robotic cartoning, case packing and palletizing systems for bottles, tubes, syringes, cartons, jars, bags, and more
  • Robotic pill picking, sorting and pill counter systems for automated pharmacy and medication fulfillment machines
  • Robotic track and trace inspection systems for pharmacy automation
  • Vertical and horizontal pharmaceutical cartoning systems
  • Vial handling for parenteral drug manufacturers
  • Vial tub and tray palletizing / depalletizing systems
  • And more!

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Meet the Pharma and Laboratory Specialists

To help pharmaceutical manufacturers keep up with speed and uncompromising quality control required in this industry, FANUC developed a line of specialty robots that excel in high speed pick and place applications. If you're in the need for a robotic pharmacy solution that requires the utmost speed, precision and accuracy, be sure to check out our SCARA Robots, and our Delta Robots.

Pharma Manufacturing Companies Rely On FANUC

FANUC America specializes in completely automated pharmacy systems - From packaging line design to pharma-ready equipment manufacturing and integration, you can rely on FANUC. Pharmaceutical companies around the world count on our robots and pharma automation solutions to manufacture the highest quality products with speed, precision and accuracy. Whether you're using FANUC clean room robots in a pharmaceutical setting for automated dispensing, or a standard robot for cartoning, labeling, packaging and palletizing lifesaving medicine, FANUC has pharma automation solutions that will improve you processes without sacrificing accuracy or quality, while leaving you in complete control of the manufacturing process.