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Woodworking Automation Solutions

The woodworking industry is very competitive with applications that require high-performance machining of complex shapes of production or built-to-order custom components. The complex shapes and nested-based manufacturing systems drive the need for large part program management. In some instances, wood shops may require 5-axis machining.

In addition, an increased demand for wood products has driven the industry to look closely at the speed and precision provided by robotic automation. For several decades, FANUC America and our Authorized System Integrators have provided woodshops with the automation tools and systems for sanding, polishing and finishing as well as machine loading and part transfer.

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Freres Engineered Wood Boosts Throughput and Quality with FANUC Robots

Wood product manufacturer uses robots to boost quality and throughput.

CNC Technology for the Woodworking Industry: Top Applications of CNC Machines for Woodworking

Wood manufacturers know that a woodworking machine's reliability and longevity are only as dependable as the control system that powers it. If you want to build a woodworking machine that lasts a long time with the utmost quality and power, FANUC is your best choice. FANUC is widely used throughout the woodworking industry with worldwide service and support 24/7/365. FANUC CNCs provide the highest performance for both rapid speed and cutting speed.

Whether you use FANUC CNCs for cutting holes or curves, they can quickly and accurately cut curvy edges and cut holes with speed, power and precision. The precision of FANUC servo motors combined with the reliability of FANUC controls ensure that your woodworking machinery can achieve the same cut, again and again, without losing time.

AWFS Compilation 2023

5-Axis Machining

FANUC woodworking CNC machines support 5-axis machining of complex shapes, providing more efficient and accurate cuts, which is especially important in applications that require multiple passes or cuts in different planes.

High Performance Machining

With FANUC CNC woodworking machines, you'll have access to the speed and power needed for high-performance machining of complex shapes, and FANUC controls allow you to quickly program and run multiple parts in a single setup without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Large Management Program

Increase the efficiency of your woodworking machine by reducing the amount of time spent on manual programming with FANUC CNCs for wood applications. FANUC's large management program ensures smooth and reliable part programming, making it easier to run multiple parts in one setup.


Designed for interconnectivity, FANUC’s woodworking CNC systems support communications to other machines in the network, promoting faster and more efficient production processes with an emphasis on consistency and quality control through data collection and accessibility.

Benefits of Automating Your Shop With CNC for Woodworking

Automating your woodworking processes by equipping your industrial woodworking machines with FANUC CNCs and robotics can help you optimize your production in a number of ways, including:


Automation is key for woodworking, as it can help speed up production and ensure the accuracy of your applications. Consider a system that integrates automation to reduce cycle time and improve efficiency.

The best CNC machines for woodworking will provide you with the speed and power your application requires, as well as provide reliable communications for multiple machines in the network.


Look for a woodworking CNC machinery control system that is flexible enough to cover a wide range of applications, from panel processing, to cutting complex shapes with multiple passes. Your CNC controls should be adjustable, allowing you to easily program and run different parts in one setup, providing you with the adaptability you need for your specific application.


When choosing CNC machines for woodworkers, be sure to select controls that are reliable and offer consistent performance with repeatable accuracy. The best CNC machining centers will be able to maintain accuracy and precision when running multiple parts, reducing cycle time while ensuring quality.

Robotic Applications for the Woodworking Industry

Woodworkers can effectively utilize robots in a variety of woodworking applications. Robotic woodworking machines can be applied to sanding, routing, stapling, transferring and handling wood parts. Robotic automation is critical for woodworking, as it can help streamline processes and reduce cycle time while also increasing accuracy and quality control.

Robotic woodworking systems provide manufacturers the opportunity to improve the speed and accuracy of their systems while also promoting worker safety by removing employees from potentially dangerous work areas where dust and debris can pose serious hazards to a person’s health - mitigating those risks with woodworking robots.

A robot router setup can be used to automatically route, sand and finish parts quickly and accurately. Additionally, robotic sanding operations can be equipped with FANUC Force Sensors that use pressure sensing technology to achieve the perfect robotically sanded finish to your parts.

Collaborative Robot for Sanding Wood Doors

Wood Sanding with the New CRX Collaborative Robot

Robot for Coating Wooden Cabinet Doors

Robots for Coating Wooden Cabinet Doors


Wistia video thumbnail

Robotic Wood Board Handling and Transfer System

Courtesy of Motion Controls Robotics, Inc.

Robotic sanding

Robotic Sanding Wood Chairs

Courtesy of Remtec Automation

FANUC 0iF plus CNC panels

CNC Controls and Robotics for Successful Automated Woodworking Systems

Woodworking machines equipped with robotic automation are the perfect choice for manufacturers looking to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and ensure quality control. With their easy setup and programming capabilities, FANUC’s robotic systems can be quickly integrated into existing production lines for more efficient processes that save time and money.

Woodworking automation is essential in helping manufacturers remain competitive in today’s market. Integrating automated woodworking machinery into your shop can result in shorter lead times, higher quality products, increased accuracy and consistency, and a safer work environment.

Whether you’re looking for a robotic system to manage material handling, create intricate shapes from wood, or sand and finish parts, FANUC has the ideal solution for your production needs.


Series 30i / 31i-5 CNCs

Easy to program and implement, the 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNCs are compatible with highly-complex machines, offering high-speed and high-performance machining for the most demanding applications. Benefit from reduced cycle times, cutting-edge precision, and superior surface quality with controls that work across multiple axes and paths.


Series 0iF

For milling, turning, punching and grinding applications, the 0iF-Model F offers high-speed, high-accuracy performance. Though simple, this CNC for wood applications is still able to handle demanding operations with precision and repeatability, making it the best choice for wood shops looking for reliable performance in their automated machinery.

FANUC CRX Model Lineup


FANUC’s collaborative robots are an ideal solution for automated woodworking. With their precision, repeatability, and flexibility, they can handle a variety of tasks in the woodshop, from material handling to intricate sanding and routing.

Work alongside an easy-to-program cobot in your shop to achieve higher standards of consistency and quality. FANUC cobots have a small footprint and advanced safety features to enhance your production without endangering your workers or limiting your space.

Benefits of Automating Your Shop With CNC for Woodworking

Automating your woodworking processes by equipping your industrial woodworking machines with FANUC CNCs and robotics can help you optimize your production in a number of ways, including:


Automated woodworking processes can help keep your employees safe by removing them from potentially hazardous work areas. With the aid of CNC commercial woodworking tools and robots, dangerous tasks can be completed with minimal risk of injury, freeing up your staff to take on tasks that require more expertise and less physical labor.


CNC machines are designed for precision, ensuring parts are produced with accuracy and consistency every time. Automating the woodworking process can help you avoid errors and reduce waste, saving you time and money. With a high-precision industrial CNC machine, you can also ensure your wood products meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


Automated woodworking machinery can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to finish projects, allowing you to increase production rates and overall efficiency. With CNC machines, you’ll be able to get more done in less time, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and keep up with customer demands.

Force Sensors for Craftsman-like Precision

FANUC Force Sensors enable robots to detect force and torque applied to the end effector, while controlling the robot’s motion path in real time to keep the tool pressed to the part with constant force. Robots equipped with force sensors can robotically deburr, grind, polish and contour parts with ultimate precision by compensating for dimensional deviations.

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Choose FANUC CNCs for Reliable, High-Precision Results for Woodworking Tools

Having a reliable CNC woodworking machine can help you stay competitive in the industry and take on more complex jobs with faster turnaround times and improved accuracy. FANUC’s robot and CNC woodworking systems offer advanced features, durability and accuracy to ensure your projects are completed with craftsman-like precision every time.

Regardless of which robot or woodworking CNC machines you choose, FANUC’s robust lineup of controls and robots can help you achieve automated success in your wood shop. Benefit from improved efficiency and cost savings with reliable automation solutions that will help you keep up with the competition.