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Robotic Automation Solutions for Warehouses, Fulfillment Centers and Supply Chain Distribution

Continual growth in supply chains worldwide paired with labor shortages are increasingly raising the demands put on fulfillment and warehouse operations. By using FANUC’s extensive automation solutions, cobots and robots can quickly and consistently perform tasks such as picking, packing and palletizing to help reduce downtime, delivery delays, workplace accidents and errors.

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Robots and Cobots for Warehousing

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Robotic Depalletizing, Mixed Depalletizing, Full Layer Depalletizing

Automate the process of unloading pallets with robotic warehousing solutions from FANUC. Using artificial intelligence, our robots and cobots can handle mixed depalletizing, unloading materials of varying weights, shapes, and sizes without interruption. By integrating robotic depalletizing solutions into your warehouse operations, you can save time, improve efficiency, and reduce the need for operator intervention.


Robotic Depalletizing for Distribution and Fulfillment Warehouses

Courtesy of Motion Controls Robotics


Primus Case Farms - Packaging Fresh Chicken

Courtesy of Adaptec Solutions


Intelligent robot depalletizer system for random mixed boxes

Courtesy of AWL


RODE Robot Depalletizer

Courtesy of AWL


MODEX Depalletizing Demo

Courtesy of Mujin


Random Mixed Depalletizing System

Courtesy of JR Automation

Robotic Each Picking, Piece Picking, Goods to Person & Goods to Robot

The next frontier in automated warehousing reduces the burden on the workforce by using robots to pick goods from totes (Goods to Robot), which is no small task considering the variety of SKUs in any warehouse. FANUC has strategically developed robots and cobots to meet the needs of the warehouse/distribution market. With the help of 3D Vision Systems combined with AI, FANUC has an automated picking solution that’s right for you.


SmartPick Robotic Bin Picking

Courtesy of Bastian Solutions


Smart picking and placement with Skypicker

Courtesy of Exotec


Each Pick to an Automated Bagging Solution

Courtesy of OSARO


Pick-it-Easy Robot Food Retail

Courtesy of KNAPP


AI Powered Robotic Bin Picking for Order Fulfillment

Courtesy of Bastian Solutions


Each Pick Piece Picking Robot

Courtesy of Dematic

Robotic Palletizing, Mixed Palletizing, Full Layer Palletizing

Robots and cobots can make palletizing operations more expedient through automation technology. With flexible warehousing robot solutions from FANUC, your operations can achieve higher levels of productivity through optimized robotic palletizing processes and patterns.


Tote Palletizing

Courtesy of MESH Automation


MACPal Warehouse Fulfillment

Courtesy of MESH Automation


Robotic Warehouse Palletizing with AMR

Courtesy of Autotec Solutions

Robotic Induction & Robotic Singulation

The use of warehouse robots for singulation and induction can limit the need for tedious manual labor and reduce the risk of injury and error. Robotic singulation technology, coupled with robotic sortation processes, can help warehouses improve efficiency and cohesion in their operations.


ROSI Robotic Singulating Solution

Courtesy of AWL


Dual Arm Robotic Singulation

Courtesy of Fortna


Robotic Parcel Singulation

Courtesy of Plus One’s AI-powered PickOne Perception System


Robotic Parcel Sorting with FANUC 3DV/1600 Vision Sensor

Learn about the FANUC 3DV/1600 Vision Sensor

Robotic Sortation, Kitting, & Put Wall Sortation

By automating warehouse sortation, you can improve throughput, order accuracy, productivity, and profitability while reducing labor costs. Automated warehouse solutions from FANUC are flexible and scalable, allowing them to adapt to changing needs and output demands.


RFSS Sortation

Courtesy of JR Automation


Piece Picking Robot for Order Fulfillment

Courtesy of Ocado

Robotic Truck Unload

Streamline your supply chain with automated truck loading and unloading. Robots and cobots used to automate this part of the fulfilment process can significantly speed up the turnaround time, reduce product damage during the handling process as well as keep workers safe by minimizing strenuous tasks.

Truck Unload

Truck Unloading


Robotic Print & Apply

Print and apply label systems automatically create and attach unique identification or shipping labels to containers of all shapes and sizes. Using FANUC cobots and robots in fully automated print and apply labeling systems that involve thousands of containers per hour with consistent accuracy applying one or more labels to multiple surfaces can have a significant impact on speed, throughput and productivity.

Wistia video thumbnail

Print & Apply

Courtesy of AUTOTEC


Robotic Decanting & Box Cutting

Decanting operations typically demand high staffing requirements and can be hazardous to manual laborers, but with warehouse automation solutions from FANUC, decasing and decanting operations alike can be made safer and more cost-effective. Widespread automation of decanting processes in warehouses is the logical next step after a push for other fulfillment automation solutions.


Robotic Decanting System

Courtesy of DAC Robotics


Warehouse Robots for Depalletizing or Decasing

Courtesy of Strongpoint Automation


Because co-packers manufacture and package products for other companies, they constantly handle many mixed-SKUs in their warehouse environments. This wide variety can cause diminished efficiency, which leads to less profitability. With co-packing robotic automation solutions from FANUC, production rates, ergonomic safety and profits can all be boosted.


Beverage Variety Packing

Courtesy of Adaptec Solutions

Other Warehouse Automation Solutions

By utilizing FANUC warehousing robots and cobots, you can automate virtually any application, including storage systems, warehouse retrieval, and more. Below are just a few examples of how manufacturers take advantage of warehouse automation solutions from FANUC.


Automated Storage & Retrieval

Courtesy of PaR Systems


FANUC Collaborative Robots for Robotic Order Fulfillment


Warehouse Storage & Retrieval with FANUC Factory Automation Systems

CRX Fulfillment

FANUC cobots are ideal for warehousing applications that require the highly reliable and flexible capability of a traditional FANUC robot, paired with sensitive force sensing technology built into the base of the robot that makes it safe to work around. Our cobots also eliminates the costly need for capital equipment including costly safety fencing, which can help save on floor space and add flexibility with easy redeployment options.

Wistia video thumbnail

CRX Shelf Picking & Multiple Bin Placing for Automated Fulfillment


CRX Pick and Place

CRX Pick & Place

Courtesy of Pelican Robotics

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Why Choose FANUC Cobots and Robots for Supply Chain/Warehouse Automation?


Speed and Efficiency

The integration of FANUC cobots and robots in the supply chain can significantly optimize operations, from managing inventory to satisfying fulfillment requirements. The speed and consistency of FANUC’s warehouse cobots and robots contribute to faster throughput, allowing you to meet tight delivery deadlines and scale your operations seamlessly.


FANUC’s cobots and robots have the highest reliability performance in the industry and can significantly boost warehouse productivity. State-of-the-art robotic vision systems enable robots to rapidly identify, sort and select random objects on a conveyor according to location, color, shape or size.

Workplace Safety

Using FANUC’s cobots and robots in repetitive and physically demanding warehouse and fulfillment operations can take the human element out of potentially unsafe conditions. Automation helps minimize the risk of workplace injuries and frees up workers to do other necessary jobs.

Flexible Automation

The flexibility and scalability of robotic automated fulfillment operations can support the fluidity of e-commerce and supply chain demands. FANUC cobots and robots can handle large SKU counts in a small footprint and are available to meet a wide variety of sizes, speeds or payloads needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Robotic Warehousing

  • How do warehouse robots work?

    Warehouse robots from FANUC are a uniquely reliable and efficient solution to warehousing and supply chain manufacturing challenges where labor shortages, bottlenecks, product quality, or other challenges are present. FANUC robots and cobots are designed to be easy to use, making it simple and efficient to create, alter, and execute new programs.

  • Why is warehouse robotic automation becoming more popular?

    The rising popularity of warehouse robotics and automation stems primarily from the many benefits provided by the integration of robots in: By automating physically-demanding and low-cognitive tasks, warehouses can achieve higher levels of productivity, efficiency, safety, and product quality.

  • What does robotic fulfillment mean?

    Robotic order fulfillment refers to the growing trend of utilizing automation solutions and warehouse robots to optimize processes such as picking, sorting, and palletizing. Robotic fulfillment presents numerous benefits, such as giving businesses a competitive advantage and increasing overall productivity.

    This trend also allows warehouses to automate tasks and processes that require minimal cognitive effort, reducing worker strain and promoting safer environments.

  • What should you consider before using a warehouse robot?

    Integrating warehouse robots can be largely beneficial regardless of the size and scope of your operations. However, before choosing what types of warehouse robots you will use, it is important to consider factors such as:

    - Warehouse operation bottlenecks

    - How long it takes to take and manage inventory

    - How well your current systems track your inventory

    - How much time workers spend picking items for order fulfillment

    By identifying areas of improvement, as well as places that routinely drain your staff’s time, energy, and focus, can give you an idea of where robot integration will be most beneficial for your warehouse.

  • How much does it cost to buy a warehouse robot?

    Enhancing your warehouse operations with automated robot solutions often requires a high initial investment, however our robots and cobots produce measurable results in the form of increased efficiency and fulfillment rates, decreased worker stress and injury, and improved precision of picking, packaging, and palletizing. If you are interested in purchasing warehouse robots for your facility, please contact one of FANUC’s warehouse automation experts.

  • How can warehousing robots and cobots improve the performance of your operations?

    Using warehousing robots can improve the effectiveness of your operations in many ways. For example, warehouse automation allows you to delegate more complex, meaningful tasks to your company’s employees rather than assigning them to complete repetitive, monotonous tasks, increasing the efficiency of these processes while also reducing the risk of injury and stress.

    Automating your warehouse can also limit the potential of human error through programming repetitive tasks as well as quality control measures, resulting in higher fulfillment accuracy and reducing the amount of time needed to manually verify accuracy and address mistakes.

    Learn more about how warehouse robots and cobots can specifically improve the performance of your warehouse operations by contacting our team of automation and robotics experts today.