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CNC Milling and Machining Solutions

FANUC CNC Milling Machine and Controller

CNC, or computer numerical control, machine tools utilize programmed computer software to automate the control, movement and precision of the cutting process. CNC milling machines are used in many manufacturing industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction and medical devices. With over 5 million CNCs installed around the world, the FANUC CNC platform is one of the most popular control systems used, delivering high performance and providing unbeatable reliability.

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FANUC ROBODRILL ad21sib5 adv Plus

FANUC’s CNC Milling Machine Tool ROBODRILL Plus

FANUC’s all new ROBODRILL DiB Plus is a vertical machining center available in standard as well as advanced small, medium and large models. The ROBODRILL Plus offers the versatility to handle a wide range of machining applications for large or small manufacturers. It’s ideal for high-volume manufacturing production environments – from automotive to medical to jewelry. It’s also a great solution for low-volume work such as mold and tool making.

Discover ROBODRILL Plus

Featured FANUC CNC Products for CNC Milling

FANUC CNCs are known for their rock-solid reliability and unbeatable performance. We have controls to meet all machining needs, from highly complex 5-axis applications to running precision ancillary equipment. All with the same look and feel of a FANUC!

30 Plus Series CNC Controller with operator

30 Plus Series for CNC Milling

Take your machine tools to the next level with FANUC CNC Series 30i-B Plus, enhanced for 5-axis operations and faster cycle times. FANUC's Advanced CNC Series 30i/31i/32i-B Plus is our premium class of controls designed to maximize and simplify the operations of advanced machine tools.

30 Plus Series
0-iMF Plus CNC machine with operator

0iM-F Plus for CNC Milling

FANUC designed the 0i-MF Plus CNC Series to help machine shops achieve more efficient operations through optimizing spindle performance, reducing sequencing processing time and a customizable, user-friendly interface.

0iMF Plus Series
30 Series CNC Panel with operator

30 Series for CNC Milling

The 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNCs are used in highly complex machines with multiple axes, multiple paths, and high-speed, high-precision machining requirements. This series of controls delivers superior quality and reduced cycle times.

30 Series
0iMF CNC with operator

0i-MF for CNC Milling

FANUC’s 0i-MF CNCs provide fast and accurate performance of milling machines. This control series is known for its reliability and has been the go-to CNC platform driving machine tools used in machine shops around the world.

0iMF Series
cnc hardware simulator

CNC Training Products

There is a growing need for skilled workers competent in the setup, programming and operation of CNCs. FANUC America provides CNC training tools for manufacturers looking to train in-house using real FANUC equipment without taking a machine tool out of production.

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Benefits of FANUC CNC Systems for CNC Milling

Global Automation Provider

FANUC started the development of Numeric Control (NC) technology back in 1955. Since then, our engineers have continuously engrained new and innovative technologies into our products. With over 60 years of experience and 40 million automation products installed worldwide, FANUC is a global leader in the automation industry. More CNC operators know and trust FANUC’s CNC platform.

High Performance

Based on high-speed, high-accuracy servo technology, FANUC’s CNC Systems maximize the performance of machine tools, such as improved productivity, high-speed, high-quality machining, and easy-to-use operability.


FANUC CNC Systems are known for their rock-solid reliability. Our CNC products made in Japan are tested under strict conditions and designed to ensure consistent and long-lasting performance. This helps maximize machine tools’ uptime and optimize operations.

Better Quality Parts

High-quality machining enabled by the high-speed CPU provides 2x program throughput and improves the part’s surface smoothness. FANUC’s controls are equipped with features such as Fine Surface Technology, which helps deliver the best surface quality.

Lifetime Support

FANUC’s philosophy of not terminating support of FANUC products for as long as they are used by our customers has made FANUC CNCs the most popular choice for machine tool users throughout the world. We are a Service First company, which means customer service is our highest priority.

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Modern CNC with User-Friendly Interface Helps Custom Dies Shop Succeed

Bigger Romi Machine Tool with upgraded FANUC controls allows a family-owned machine shop to please customers and expand their business.

TEMCO Tool Achieves Throughput Increase with FANUC’s IoT Platform

TEMCO Tool began using FANUC’s MT-Linki for automated machine tool data collection and analysis. After just a few months of installing MT-Linki, production throughputs have nearly doubled and the company is now able to make more bids and gain more business.

STOBER Integrates FANUC IoT Software & Training to Boost Operations

The Kentucky manufacturer, STOBER Drives, uses FANUC IoT Software and CNC training tools to keep its operations competitive.

FANUC CNC Milling and Machining Resources

Wistia video thumbnail

5-Axis Machining with FANUC 31i-B5

Courtesy of C.R. Onsrud

The C.R. Onsrud super heavy-duty -- yet super fast and highly accurate - 5-axis series CNC Router, used to machine a hockey mask. C.R. Onsrud is an industry leader in high-precision machining products including CNC routers, machining centers and inverted routers.

Wistia video thumbnail

FANUC 5-Axis Machining 101 Webinar

This webinar will help get you started with FANUC 5-axis features by telling you what option content you need, parameter settings and programming instructions to enable High Speed Smooth TCP, Workpiece Setting Error Compensation, Tilted Working Plane and AICC functions to perform effectively.

CNC Milling Software being controlled from laptop by operator

Software for CNC Milling

FANUC has the CNC software you need from connecting, monitoring, collecting and analyzing machine tool information to creating better part programs both on and off the shopfloor.

CNC Data Collection Software

Data Collection Software for Machine Tools

Explore FANUC CNC Software for connecting, monitoring, collecting and analyzing machine tool information!

Data Collection Software
CNC Programming Software

CNC Programming and Simulation Software

FANUC has a variety of software to help programming, both on and off the shop floor!

Programming Software
CNC Machine Tools Software

Connectivity Solutions for Machine Tools

Connect your communication systems with each other using FANUC's connectivity solutions for machine tools!

Connectivity Software

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