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Laser Applications - Laser Cutting, Welding & Marking

Leading manufacturers recognize the immense potential of using lasers in their processes. Utilizing cutting edge laser technology in machining applications has proven to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality.

With the guidance of FANUC CNC and robotic systems, laser machines can achieve high standards of precision and optimize machining operations through automated laser machine solutions. Companies that specialize in building and developing lasers benefit from partnering with FANUC technology. The adoption of FANUC robots and CNC provides laser machines with exceptional accuracy, built-in laser-specific software, and programs designed to improve laser applications.

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Laser Applications

Companies that specialize in building and developing lasers benefit from partnering with FANUC technology. The adoption of FANUC robots and CNC provides laser machines with exceptional accuracy, built-in laser-specific software, and programs designed to improve laser applications.


Laser Cutting

Automating your laser cutting machines with FANUC CNC and robotic technology promote high-efficiency, high-precision performance, allowing you to achieve incredible accuracy and production quality over and over again. Robots and CNCs from FANUC allow laser cutting machines to achieve repeatable standards of cutting precision.

Laser Cutting


Laser Welding

FANUC is an industry-leading provider of CNCs and robotics to support manufacturers and end users with innovative laser welding solutions. We supply the advanced technology and consistently high standards of performance and reliability required in laser welding applications.


Laser Marking

FANUC provides essential robotics and CNC technology for automating your laser marking processes and machines. From medical device production and jewelry engraving to automotive and aerospace manufacturing, automated laser marking solutions provide an invaluable service in executing precise, identifiable marks on various materials and parts.

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The Versatility of Robots in Laser Applications

FANUC Laser Robots paired with a 3rd party laser source and processing head helps improve the precision and flexibility of applications such as laser cutting and welding. A robot's 6 axes of freedom provides unmatched versatility to any laser system with the ability to touch multiple points at nearly any angle with extreme precision, accuracy and rigidity. Additionally, FANUC has the world's widest range of robot models ready to tackle the challenge for any payload, reach and speed.

Robot Laser Interface Function

FANUC's new Laser interface functions combines the industry leading software users interface with high speed control hardware that optimizes the laser output based on the robot positioning. Integrated functions for 32kHz pulse control and robot speed based ramping controls the power output through pulse modulation or constant wave providing excellent processing performance and quality for cutting and welding applications.


Industries That Benefit from Laser Technology

  • Automotive Manufacturing

    Staying competitive and profitable is a top priority for leading automobile manufacturers, and with FANUC technology, automated processes for automotive manufacturing allow for improved standardization, maximized efficiency, and increased output to keep automotive suppliers at the top of their industry.

    FANUC robots and CNCs are prominent in automated processes for the automotive industry, including the burgeoning EV manufacturing market, with higher rates of integration in vehicle assembly processes and internal combustion engine manufacturing than other automation companies. FANUC is a trusted name for automobile manufacturers, allowing them to consistently meet high OEM standards with advanced repeatability and optimal precision through robotic- and CNC-enabled laser machine automation.

  • Aerospace Manufacturing

    Aerospace manufacturing typically requires optimized accuracy, precision, flexibility, and reliability in its manufacturing processes. With needs for a wide range of essential parts varying in size, material, thickness, quantity, and more, aerospace manufacturers benefit from the integration of FANUC CNCs and robots.

    With FANUC CNCs capable of supporting 5-axis machining, manufacturers in the aerospace industry can trust that automating their laser machines with FANUC technology will be simple, effective, and profitable.

  • Electronics Manufacturing

    Finding efficient, eco-friendly, and productive solutions to manufacturing processes in the electronics industry is a common goal, resulting from growing consumer demands and increasing competition.

    FANUC technology, combined with laser machines, promotes the automation of laser processes for manufacturing electronic components, bolstering assembly, dispensing, sealing, and material handling initiatives through improved efficiency, production quality, and standardization.

  • Alternative Energy Manufacturing

    Alternative energy manufacturing is rapidly growing, putting pressure on manufacturers to accelerate production and improve the quality of machined parts. From assembling solar panels to manufacturing batteries, laser automation can facilitate faster completion and distribution rates to meet growing demands.

    With robotic and CNC solutions from FANUC, manufacturers in the energy industry can benefit from reliable, trusted technology that lends itself to consistent, high-quality execution, giving them a competitive advantage in this expanding industry.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Safety, precision, and efficiency are of the utmost importance in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Incorporating laser automation solutions including FANUC CNCs or robots can help leading manufacturers achieve high standards of production, processing, packaging, labeling, and more.

    FANUC America has decades of experience providing solutions to those in the life sciences industry. Automating laser processes with FANUC technology can provide the kind of precision and quality control necessary in the pharmaceutical industry.

Advantages of Using FANUC for your Laser Automation Needs

When equipped with FANUC technology, laser machines can perform at a higher level, using less energy to process more parts, more often. Laser technology excels with the support of integrated FANUC robots and CNC systems, making your machining processes more effective and profitable.


Dedicated CNCs for Laser Machines

FANUC has CNC solutions to support your laser machines! The 0i-LF Plus control is perfect for flat material processing. If you have more complicated applications, the 31-LB Plus and 30i-LB Plus controls provide 5-axis laser cutting capabilities.


Efficient Servos, Less Costs

With the constant accelerating and decelerating moving from hole to hole, laser machines use lots of energy. FANUC’s efficient servo drive systems can reduce the servo energy consumption by as much as 50 percent.


Better Quality Thick & Thin Parts

Look-ahead functions automatically adjusts laser power and axis feedrates to cut high quality sharp corners, which can be challenging in thick material. Accurately adjusting both the laser power level and pulse frequency reduces thermal load and provides uniform and clean edge quality in rounded corners, especially valuable in thin materials.


Safer and Faster Operations

FANUC’s tracing (Gap Control) function ensures that the distance between the laser cutting nozzle and workpiece surface is kept constant. The CNC is in total control of the Z-axis position, which allows for improved safety, higher processing speeds and programmable nozzle clearances.

Tight Synchronization of Laser Output and Axis Positioning

FANUC CNC laser commands are processed on the same high-speed fiber optic bus as the axis position loop updates. This ensure extremely tight synchronization between laser power and axis positioning, an essential component for raster type laser etching.

Better Finishes & Laser Marking

Laser pulse frequencies in excess of 32kHz improve cutting-edge quality and decreases dross, more than halving standard cutting edge roughness in thin materials. The minute laser output control provides ultra-stable laser output at low power levels providing superior quality laser marking capabilities.

More Reliable Processing

On CO2 Lasers machines, FANUC’s patented servo driven “trombone” mirror control ensures that the laser beam length is kept constant from the resonator to the cutting head for more reliable processing, even on a large moving-beam laser machine.

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