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Arc, Spot, and Laser Welding Robots & Cobots

Purpose built for welding applications, FANUC offers the industry's widest range of industrial robots and cobots for both arc, spot and laser welding - We have welding robots for any size job, at any reach and payload to help fit your specific needs. Not only that, our customers gain a competitive advantage by choosing FANUC welding robots due to our decades-long industry expertise, product reliability, built-in intelligence features, and 24/7/365 "Service First" lifetime guarantee on all FANUC products. Explore our automated welding solutions below.

Arc Welding Robots

FANUC is well known for our ARC Mate Series of industrial arc welding robots. This arc welding robot series includes welding robots that range from 7 kg - 25 kg in payload, and 911 mm - 3123 mm in reach. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial arc welding applications such as MIG and TIG welding or plasma and laser cutting. Different models are available to meet a variety of demands and all come with a variety of tools to increase their versatility and help make your arc welding processes safer and more efficient.

Arc Welding Robots


Dual FANUC ARC Mate 100iD Arc Welding Robots

Spot Welding Robots

FANUC spot welding robots provide manufacturers with the highest possible weld quality by repeatedly producing extremely precise welds with the utmost accuracy. FANUC offers a variety of spot welding robots to choose from for any payload and reach, including some of our most popular spot welding series - The FANUC R-2000 and FANUC R-1000 Series robots. The slim design and long reach of our spot welding robots allow for accurate welds, while being flexible enough to maneuver into tight spaces without sacrificing weld accuracy. Our robots can reach weld locations on large parts with their expanded work envelope. 

Spot Welding Robots 

R-2000iC robotic spot welding 

FANUCR-2000iC robot performs automotive spot welding

Collaborative Welding Robots

FANUC's CR-15iA (15 kg payload) and CR-7iA/L (7 kg) collaborative arc welding robots are - at their core - made of our current industry-leading ARC Mate robot family. By infusing collaborative operation, FANUC now offers our users the ability to work more closely with our cobots. Our arc welding cobots - including the all-new FANUC CRX - come with FANUC’s proven, easy to use ARC Tool Software designed to improve your bottom line by reducing programming time. The easy-to-program interface supports simple applications, but also provides you with the ability to utilize FANUC advanced features such as Weaving, iRVision, Seam Tracking, TAST and Multi-pass.

Welding Cobots 

arc-welding-cobot-collaborative-robot  FANUC CR-7iA/L robot performs arc welding


Related Case Studies

Smoker Craft Speeds Up Pontoon Production with Robotic Welding

Smoker Craft, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of recreational boats, partnered with Guide Engineering, a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, to implement a new robotic system to weld pontoon components and assemblies.

CRX Cobot Welding Automation Ramps Up Pitts & Spitts’ Grill Production

Significant growth prompted Pitts & Spitts to consider automation to produce its industry-leading line of smokers and grills. Today, with the help of a FANUC CRX Cobot, Pitts & Spitts is able to meet production volumes and looks forward to implementing more automation to accommodate future expansion.

Arc Welding Robots for Additive

FANUC’s arc welding robot family supports newer applications like additive manufacturing.  All of the arc welding robots in our ARC Mate Series are up to the task of enabling our customers to add flexibility and efficiency to their additive manufacturing processes. Easy offline program generation, along with the ability to easily import 3rd party paths, enables customers to quickly take solid models from the digital world and make them come to life.

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Industrial robots offer accuracy and repeatability for all welding applications

FANUC’s robots are the product of years of experience in robotics and welding. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial arc and spot welding applications. Different models are available to meet a variety of demands and all come with a variety of tools to increase their versatility and help make your welding processes safer and more efficient.

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